Walk: Schists villages

The eight day Walking Central Portugal *Schist villages* begins in the rural Quinta no Pinhal with greenery and a lovely swimming pool and ends in the ancient university city of Coimbra.

From € 534 p.p.


  • 7x overnight stay included breakfast
  • 6x lunchpackage
  • luggage transport
  • route descriptions with personal information
  • route maps and GPS tracks
  • transport from start to finish

Bergdorp PIODAOWith the Walking Central Portugal Holiday you will hike along and stay at Schist Villages with stunning views. It will bring you through and along the hills of the Serra da Lousã,, streams and springs and old restored windmills. After all the overwhelming nature you can relax in the ancient city of Coimbra.

Day 1

Zwembad met overdekte  buitenruimte QNPYou will be welcomed at “Quinta no Pinhal”.

Day 2

IMG_0560aTheme Windmills. You will be taken to the ancient mills of Gavinhos. On foot you will pass 14 restored mills and via the cosy monastic village of Lorvão you will end up at the panoramic point of Penedo de Castro. A beautiful view over the river Mondego. You spend the night in Quinta no Pinhal.

Day 3

Dag3_IMG_2029You will be brought to the church in Lousã. Lousã is located at the foot of the hills of the ´Serra de Lousã´. The top of the green hills goes to 1,200m. You will walk across original forest roads and pass by the oldest hydro power plant in Portugal. The levadas (feed channels filled with water for the power plant) show you the way as it was. Overnight stay: Quintal de Além do Ribeiro.

Day 4

aldeias de xistoTheme: Schist villages of the Serra da Lousã
You go to the Castelo (castle) and take a walk along the schist villages, There is a choice of two walks: or take a walk through the beuatifully restored partially abandoned villages, or go to the west side of the park, through a wooded area and two inhabited villages, Casal Novo e Talasnal. Overnight stay: Quintal de Além do Ribeiro

Day 5

Dag6_IMG_3299Theme Schist villages
You make a trip along the Aldeias de Xisto (slate villages) in Góis. Overnight stay: Casa Santo Antonio.

Day 6

Quinta 2Theme water
The starting point is the olive press in Cabreira, which is powered by a water mill. You head towards the source of the river Ceira. The walk follows the river Ceira for a while and ends at the river beach in Goís. If you want to make the walk shorter you can also start in Folgosa. You will stay in the guesthouse Casa Santo Antonio, located in the pleasant village Góis.

Day 7

COIMBRA aquaductCoimbra You go by bus or taxi to Coimbra and take a walk through this ancient university town (UNESCO World Heritage) and for those who want to visit a fado concert at À Capella. Overnight stay: Hotel Astoria

Day 8

After your breakfast the walking holiday will end. 


We advise you to bring an extra pair of training shoes for the guided walking tour which partly goes through the river

Extra days

It is possible to book an extra day at all of the Quintas. In Vila Nova de Poiares you will have the opportunity to book a cano trip at the river Mondego. Or just stay and relax at one of the lovely Quintas.


In this region, called the Pinhal Interior, because of the great number of pine trees, also exist a lot of olive orchards, eucalyptus and citrus trees but also cork oaks and of course the big amount of "vinhas" vineyards. In spring the mimosa with it´s typical yellow sweet smelling flowers decorates this region. Often you will meet the peasant cart with the dunkey. A lot of the portugese people here live of agriculture. In the summer there are a lot of markets and festivals with music and dancing to honour the saint.


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